S.I. No. 141/1949 – Agricultural Co-Operative Societies (Debentures) Regulations, 1949.

The Department of Agriculture abbreviated as DA ; Filipino : Kagawaran ng Agrikultura , is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for the promotion of agricultural and fisheries development and growth. The department is currently led by the Secretary of Agriculture , nominated by the President of the Philippines and confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. The Secretary is a member of the Cabinet. The current Secretary is William Dar , who assumed office on August 5, In , under the American colonial government , priority was given to the development of other agricultural products, such as rice and other basic commodities, as well as fishing , forestry , and mining. This new focus necessitated the establishment of the insular Bureau of Agriculture.


China has become an increasingly significant player in the Middle East in the past decade. While it is still a relative newcomer to the region and is extremely cautious in its approach to local political and security challenges, the country has been forced to increase its engagement with the Middle East due to its growing economic presence there. In China officially became the biggest global importer of crude oil, with almost half of its supply coming from the Middle East.

As a strategically important crossroads for trade routes and sea lanes linking Asia to Europe and Africa, the Middle East is important to the future of the BRI — which is designed to place China at the centre of global trade networks. The cooperation framework outlined in these documents focuses on energy, infrastructure construction, trade, and investment in the Middle East. Beijing is careful to avoid replicating what it sees as Western intervention and puts forward a narrative of neutral engagement with all countries — including those that are at odds with each other — on the basis of mutually beneficial agreements.

SI No. Service Name, Documents Required. 1, Residence Certificate, Ration Card (Mandatory) Date of Birth Proof (Mandatory). Any Other (​Recommendation mentioned as per application form or if any proof avialable be attached)(Mandatory) 19, Agriculture Seed License (New/Renewal), Self Declaration (Mandatory).

It combines new and old projects, covers an expansive geographic scope, and includes efforts to strengthen hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, and cultural ties. The BRI is an umbrella initiative spanning a multitude of projects designed to promote the flow of goods, investment, and people. The new connections fostered by the BRI could reconfigure relationships, reroute economic activity, and shift power within and between states. These included:.

Beneficiary countries are likely to find the most attractive elements of the BRI to be its provision of hard infrastructure. Likewise, the BRI provides China with an opportunity to use its considerable economic means to finance these infrastructure projects around the world. Leveraging these needs against its economic strength may ultimately garner China significant political gains. Notably, many of the areas targeted by China suffer from underinvestment due to domestic economic struggles, and they often register low on the United Nations Human Development Index HDI.

For instance, in Japanese construction companies lost out to their Chinese counterparts in a bid to build a high-speed rail project in Indonesia. Discussing the reasons behind their choice, the Indonesian government cited Chinese financing from the CDB, which came with fewer strings attached. It should be noted, however, that the project has been fraught with problems.

International Exchange

Documents Required SI No. Government of Punjab. All rights reserved. Status Tracker. In case of Applicant mother then proof of husband is mentally or physically unable to earn Recommendation as per application form or if any proof available be attached Mandatory. School certificate or passport or driving license or any other document on which date of birth and name is mentioned Attested copy or self-declaration for child less than 5 year Mandatory.

Since the s, the Sino-Cameroonian relationship has grown rapidly. realised investment since, to date, only an agricultural demonstration centre For a long time, Chinese doctors have been attached to hospitals built.

Disaster Resiliency and Mitigation. Learn More. Read More. BSP Turn over donations. Bayanihan is also alive among the less in life. Emergency Cash Relief Tondo Manila. Palacio de Maynila swabbing center started its operations. By Jayson R. Aucensillo Published On Aug 25, By Rene V.

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In the future, I would like to work in the EU administration and contribute to building a stronger EU. Born and raised in multicultural Berlin-Kreuzberg, as the son of parents from East-Berlin and West-Germany, I am a child of the reunification. Uniting Europe in its diversity and connecting to our brothers and sisters beyond its constructed borders is the quintessence of my very existence. Overcoming prejudices and breaking down barriers through exchange and cooperation build the core of my social activism.

Only together we can effectively combat global warming, violent conflicts and exploitation. I am showing leadership by taking full advantage of my privileges to empower others to take action.

of a date for submission of its document package (see Document Submission An example of a HACCP worksheet is attached as Diagram 3. (S.I. No. 24 of ); or. (b) the water is derived from a source approved by the Managing Director.

Citation, commencement and application. Collection and holding of certain substances. Provision and management of storage facilities. General obligations as to capacity of storage facilities. Capacity of storage facilities for effluents and soiled water. Capacity of storage facilities for pig manure. Capacity of storage facilities for poultry manure. Capacity of storage facilities for manure from deer, goats and sheep. Capacity of storage facilities for manure from cattle.

China’s great game in the Middle East

The process of development and modernization in the Indian Central Himalaya has affected livestock and the management of resources to a great extent. These changes are having a profound effect on the pastoral people of the region as seen in a shift away from the traditional system of pastoral production and herding to new systems of management, adjustments, and adaptation.

The Indian Central Himalaya is a fascinating case study, as it consists of two geographical regions known as Kumaon and Garhwal, historically divided into two distinct sociopolitical systems–the princely state of Garhwal and the colonial territory of Kumaon. Three different tribal groups inhabit this region. These indigenous peoples were border traders between India and Tibet.

Accelerating industrialization and agricultural modernization is the common At the same time, China and Africa will strengthen cooperation on African countries attach great importance to environmental protection and actively their fruition could benefit the peoples of China and Africa at an early date.

Permanent Representation of Ireland to the E. Deputy Charlie McConalogue asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine the status of the commitment in A Programme for a Partnership Government to propose a lowering of the cap on basic payments; and the timetable for implementation of this action. These provide for a range of capping options. These proposals are subject to ongoing negotiation at EU level. The final shape of the proposals will not be known until the negotiations are concluded.

My Department is working closely with colleagues across the Public Sector as part of the whole of Government approach to preparations for Brexit. My Department is currently engaged in an on-going exercise to identify the resources and processes required to meet our obligations arising from Brexit. Additional resources will be focused on facilitating both Brexit preparation and key initial staffing requirements regarding implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary SPS checks at point of import hereinafter called “import controls”.

Council Tax Manual

The successful applicants will be offered the Chinese Government Full Scholarship s covering the duration of their postgraduate program. Waiver of registration fees, tuition fees, fees for laboratory experiment, fees for internship, and charges for basic learning materials and accommodation on campus. The applicants must fill in and provide the following materials truly and correctly in duplicate. It can be downloaded from the attachment of this document.

Naredra Deva University of Agriculture & Technology. Kumarganj date. 6. Candidate should attached following documents with the Application: (0) Bank Draft of Course Title. College/University. Degree Programme/ Class. Taught.

Both China and France agreed to strengthen finance and economic cooperation amid COVID battle during the bilateral economic and financial dialogue on Tuesday. Hu said that since the beginning of this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping has spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron four times with a series of important as consensus on jointly responding to the epidemic and developing Sino-French relations reached, expressing the hope that both sides will implement the consensus reached by two heads of state and promote the China-France comprehensive strategic partnership.

China is willing to work with France to further strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation, consolidate cooperation in major projects such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, expand cooperation in agriculture, science and technology, finance and trade, striving to create the fair, transparent business environment without discrimination. The two sides should strengthen communication and coordination in international institutions and multilateral platforms, jointly maintain the rules-based multilateral trading system, promote the improvement of global economic governance, and actively respond to various global challenges, promoting the stable recovery of the world economy.

In the context of the impact of the epidemic on the global economy, both France and China should join hands to strengthen practical cooperation in various fields. France is willing to work with China to further deepen cooperation in traditional fields, tap the potential for cooperation in emerging fields, promoting bilateral cooperation to achieve more positive results. Focusing on the theme of “deepening bilateral economic and financial cooperation, and jointly responding to the impact of the COVID epidemic”, both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on international and multilateral cooperation in response to the epidemic and deepening cooperation in key areas, with 42 cooperation outcomes.

The rise of vertical farming – (VPRO documentary – 2017)